Fawins Family Of Roblox
The new myth, MrFawins, Is a family member who used to have 3 kids in a wife, His kids died in a house fire and the wife died by a unknown disease, It is a roblox myth and has a game called "Meeting Place", Where MrFawins himself would sometimes come over and ask for sacfricing to make his kids and his wife to come back from the dead, They are poor, As you can see by MrFawins avatar, Not investigated by any myth groups, As it is fairly new, He despises the myth group, Visiting the facility and looking at the myths, He has gone mental and insane, He does sacrifices with killing somebody with a sword, He is strong about the world and blames his problems on the rest of Earth's population, He is the only Fawins left as his parents died to old age, and the rest to also the same reasons, He is very unknown, And nobody truly knows what he is or what he's going to do next. (Yes i know this is in the games category, Thats why i didnt change the photo's, Please do not change them.)

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